European Art Gallery Opening

European Art Gallery Opening
17th January 2020 atia

Vernissage – Atia Miraz


“Everyone needs fairy tales – my paintings help to reveal those tales that we carry deep down in our hearts … and bring them to a happy ending.”

Atia Miraz


And indeed, she draws a magical myth filled with deep philosophical meaning creating a fabulous but real world. The seeming spontaneous emotions express mature views, the lightness of the smear … hides the depth of thinking. Dream and reality merge. A storehouse of resources in which there is both psychology and philosophy and a spiritual component.

In the works of the artist Atia Miraz, one can find numerous individual worlds and secrets that are stored in the depths of our subconscious. They transmit to us ancient knowledge or encrypted messages from other worlds and help us to “reveal our potential resources, achieve insight, refresh our memories, change our lives.” Everything is like in famous aphorisms about the art of Atia itself.

Tale in them or true stories, you decide. But it is difficult to remain indifferent to these works. They are truly unique and one of a kind. And the feelings that they evoke are no less amazing. What do we see in them? A captivating color scheme, bewitching depth, fantasy transitions, unusual composition and combination of elements, small details, and bizarre shapes. Yes, they are perceived exactly like a fairy tale, an epic, a legend. Or in other words, the abstract paintings of Atia Miraz always tell us some kind of story. And we perceive them through our feelings, sensations, emotions. “Art is a lyrical poem of feelings and emotions,” says Atia.

Despite the uniform style, each of her works is unique in itself, it is a separate world. Her works are also characterized by numerous details, their complexity, and interweaving, which are not always immediately noticeable. Sometimes they look like old frescoes, sometimes a chronicle, a story about the mysterious and secret, about life and soul. They create a mood, transfer us to their wonderful world and help to overcome problems. And often they tell us a solution, for example, that “happiness is within us.”

Atia Miraz is a clinical psychologist by education. As such, she knows that “human consciousness is a social product. And the human soul does not understand human language. She perceives only what we are accustomed to considering sensations. It is feelings, sensations – a language that is understood by the subconscious and it is useless to speak with it in the words of the mind. This language is understandable to everyone and truly real art speaks it ”[1]. And that is why, at a certain period of his life, Atia paid great attention to the study of spiritual practices and created unique methods based on them that she successfully applied in her psychological practice, and then in the practice of the medical-psychological research and innovation center she founded. Art therapy, dance movement therapy also occupied a considerable place in his activity. And here again, she recalls the idea that “art is transforming.” How accurate is that.

Atia Miraz certainly knows many secrets of the human soul, individual characteristics and complexity of the individual. Its searches, sufferings, hopes, and aspirations. All this is reflected in her paintings. But, besides this, there is a feeling that in each picture there is a code that opens the door for us to solve the problem, release, and happiness. She was always eager to help people and find the most effective ways to do this. Art is one of them. Just look at the series of her paintings, what they broadcast to us and what depth they talk about:

World creation

Meaning of life

Individual worlds

Dynamic world






The Mood


All these philosophical concepts also did not appear just like that. This is the result of experience, testing, and rethinking. For her, “happiness is its own way, the depth of perception, awareness, and also, it consists in thinking and cognition” [2]. As a philosopher, she reveals in her paintings the eternal human questions: Spirit and matter, the meaning of life, what the world really looks like. “To answer these questions and overcome stereotypes, you need to perceive the world as a whole,” writes Atia at And her paintings help us with this. They lead us along the path of formation and development of personality, spiritual awakening, deep thought.

Yes, you can draw empty pictures, doing it technically impeccably. However, it would never occur to anyone to consider them masterpieces. If we can say: “there is something in this,” then the picture can be considered a work of art. This “something” is clear to everyone immediately and without words. In Atia Miraz’s works, it’s not just “something”, it’s an authorial, original and one-of-a-kind approach both in technique and in performance. They truly transform, give strength and inspiration. And these bright colors, splashes of emotions give energy and take you beyond the boundaries of perception, immerse yourself in an unknown world full of miracles, mysterious events, mystical dreams, and fantasies.

Welcome to the world of fairy tales, mysteries of the subconscious and wish you a soul flight!


[1] From the interview

[2] Conversation with the author at the Vernissage in Germany

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