“I like to invent and to draw fairytale.”

I have evolved from being a clinical psychologist to working as a holistic artist. The fabulous Visual Artist World compelled me to explore its power, to absorb its exceptional influence, to share my unique experience. I understand how many hidden aspects there are and want to reveal them. I wish to meet people with themselves. My intention also is to bring them something new, to produce energy, to take a person beyond the boundaries of perception, to immerse themselves in an unknown world. With my paintings, I’d like to bring people to places within their subconscious they have never even thought about.

I constantly explore and use different emphases. That’s why I have initiated the series:

Cosmogony (Creation of the World)

Individual worlds





Dynamic world

These categories help me to investigate, to analyze, to make conclusions and to find the ways.  Then Art really opens its endless depth, that’s what is interesting. I am really passionate about researching, creating different approaches and inventing new techniques. So, I am convinced that I can help people even more but less invasive. It is the best way to provide them with a resource and to let them find theirs.

My Paintings

Client List:
Her paintings now are in private collections in more than 10 countries