• European Art Gallery Opening

    Vernissage – Atia Miraz   “Everyone needs fairy tales – my paintings help to reveal…

  • Curators from HeadyArtGallery

    «Каждый человек нуждается в сказках – мои картины способствуют раскрывать те сказки, которые мы носим…

  • One more collection is now up

    Atia Miraz introduced another collection of paintings : “Meditation”

  • Exhibition in Lörrach

    You are welcome to my current exhibition in Lörrach

  • Invites are out for our 2019 show

    Atia Miraz invites us to visit her special project.

  • New collection is now up

    Atia Miraz introduced a new collection, series of works : “Illusion”

  • Artist Atia Miraz

    Atia Miraz is an abstract artist, psychologist and philosopher. In her paintings she connects different…